What is data backup?


Data backup is one of the most important areas of IT, but it is also one of the most overlooked areas. Data is essential to the smooth operation of any business and is an indispensable starting point for any business continuity plan. "Backup" refers to copying the most important files; if the original copy is missing, you can use this option. It is best to save the second copy in a different location than the original copy and keep it in a secure environment.


Why should I back up?


Data loss can occur in a variety of ways, the most common of which are physical failures of PCs, accidental errors, theft or disasters such as fires, floods and dropped coffee cups! Typically, save the data to a location, such as "My Documents" on your PC's hard drive. This means that if you accidentally change or delete this data, it will take a lot of time and money to recover it.


More and more computer viruses also pose a threat to business information, because once you get infected with your computer, they usually delete or destroy your data. That's another reason why backing up data is so important.

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