What is Payroll System

Payroll Software use a type of software that assists with compensating employees for time worked. This payroll software malaysia can be purchased through a lot of a Payroll System in Payroll Malaysia with socso rate and socso contribution included such as PayrollPanda, Millions and etc. All of the best HRMS Solution comes with comprehensive system that suits any kind of business type in Malaysia. Here are the list for top HR Software in Malaysia.

Basically, payroll system such as payrollpanda can make it much more easy in calculate employee salary by using time and attendance systems. The payroll system such as payrollpanda also will be follow the regulations that Malaysia have stated in payroll programs which are calculation of tax and deductions and also socso contribution and socso rate for socso malaysia.

The payroll software malaysia will directly calculate salary according to employee account with deduction of socso contribution and socso rate that can make it more easily for Human resources to manages all the salary in less time and with accurate results. 

Payroll System​